Wednesday, October 22, 2008

his errand WAS one i did not wish to fail...

okay everybody listen up, that matthew bellamy is mine...MINE!

huargh, i went to ikea yesterday with mima. she bought me a very nice quilt cover, a pillow in denim pillow case (i just can't resist!), and some multi-coloured accessory box.

then we headed to o.u, we had lunch at this peranakan restaurant. i had assam laksa. but i forgot to tell them i don't want 'petis' in it and i end up eating only half of it, luckily there was some szechuan soup. yummy!

bought four new tops. i like! i like this one purple v-neck top at miss selfridge. nemind la, i think i'll just have to pester my pipa for the next few days. heh! faster la come back. stay there lama-lama for what? haih!

what else? ohh, bumped into spunkywhen i was in o.u. heh!

i wanna dream about matthew bellamy tonight!