Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chenga's Last Comp

"If you build it they will
come…" To hell with Kevin Costner and baseball. That phrase is the best possible way I can describe the legacy known as Chenga World Skatepark. There was NO scene in Ohio in the mid 90s. Dave Shafer and Scott Powell changed all that. Two goofy flatlanders saved their money from doing shows at Sea World all summer and dumped it into a filthy building in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Ten years later riders from alt over the country came to pay last respects to a park that changed BMX. The very last Chenga contest went down on December 4th and 5th and it was quite an event. Old-school rock stars like Adam Banton, Jamey Spritzer, and Jeff Harrington were seen riding along with the new-school kids like Dustin Bauer, Shanton Wilson, and Morgan Wade. I didn't get that "contest" vibe the whole weekend. It was more like an awesomejam where everybody was going off.

It was awesome to see so many people that Chenga has helped nurture. Riders like Mike "Hollywood" Brancato, Jason "Dorito" Perz, Shanton Wilson, and Bryon Striker. We are forever grateful to the Mecca known as Chenga World for changing our lives. That place was "the first park" for thousands of people. Friends were made, tricks were learned, and our love for this crazy thing called BMX grew deeper. The contest was sick, with Chenga local Dorito taking the win with lines you can only find after countless hours of riding Chenga. Hollywood won Pro Mini. He is another classic case of what riding Chenga every day will do to you.

The contest was amazing, Morgan did a nosewheelie-to-barspin over the box. Joey Hill won best trick with a barspin-to-fuf-to-barspin on the infamous Chenga sub. Dorito 720'd the box long ways, hit his head on the ceiling, and still pulled it. It wasn't about tricks, though. It wasn't about the 1,400 smackers for first place. It was about making that trip to Chenga one more time for good friends, great riding, and amazing times. Thanks go out to Scott and Dave for making Chenga a reality, Mate Wessel building paradise, and all the people behind the scenes at Chenga (Kerry, Afro Pat, Chuck, Dominic, Cico. Doll, Jeff ), and most importantly, all of the riders out there for supporting a rider-owned park that gave us all ten years of the best memories ever.

results PRO PARK
Jason Pen
Morgan Wade
Shanton Wilson
Dustin Bauer
Ben Hittle
Tony Cardona
Tony Hamlin
Dane Wild
Jaimy Spreitzer
Mark Potocsny
Jaimy Spreitzer
Jeff Harrington
Nick Bonner
Zack Warden
Kris Kumhiro
Nathan Powell
Billy Howard
Kris Marcum
Joel Barnett
Joey Hill (barspin-to-fufanu-to-bar spin on a sub)

Andy Chapman
Brandon Dosch
Eric Doll
Jeff Sylvain
Steven Blake
Scott Carlson
Brett Robinson
Chris Bansemre
Chris Chambelan
Tony Smith
Kyle Dailey
Jimmy Barnicle

By: Yankush, Zack "Catfish", Ride BMX

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