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Sex Tricks For Experienced Girls Only

You aced Bedroom Basics 101, and now you're ready for graduate-level get-it-on instruction. Complete our advanced amorous assignments and he'll be begging to be the teacher's pet.

• "Overall, my sex life is pretty fantastic," says Beth Rarchart(*), a 26-year-old travel agent. "But still, I'd kill for some new moves. And I would love my orgasms to hit new heights."

Yes, even those of us who routinely earn A's in bedroom basics can up our pleasure by mastering a fresh trick or two. That's why we're having open enrollment for Cosmo's Sex School--the only place where you'll learn how to increase your passion proficiency in every sensual subject from Dirty Language Arts to AP Penis Pleasing. Our top-notch ecstasy instructors--real women and sexperts--will provide you with the hot and heavy homework that will help you graduate with orgasmic honors. Just commit our hooky notes to memory and you're sure to be ranked number one in bedroom fun.

SULTRY SUBJECT 1 Dirty Language Arts
You already make him melt with your sexy moans, groans, and bad-girl dirty talk. But after a while, he might get too used to the same old vixen vocabulary. So we came up with new lusty wordplay games that will quickly grab--and hold his attention.

"Write naughty words on his back with your fingers for a fun change of pace," suggests Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Los Angeles sexologist and author of Stock Market Orgasm (Peters Publishing, 1999). "For example, draw the word lick on his skin using a sexy touch. Have him guess the word you drew. Once he gets it right, do that to him." Take turns drawing on different body parts. You'll be amazed how erotic the back of your knee and other overlooked areas can be.

Jennifer Hooper, a 26-year-old dance instructor, shares a different form of carhal communication. "After months of talking dirty to my boyfriend in bed, I wanted to try something racier," she says. "So one night, I borrowed one of his porn mags and started reading the X-rated story that accompanied one of the nudie layouts. The plot was about a horny girl who has her car fixed by an even hornier mechanic," Hooper's man was immediately turned on by the sound of his woman's voice uttering these wicked words. It didn't take long before she had to throw the magazine down because he was all over her!

Turning him on? That's easier than study hall. You know exactly how to rub, kiss, and lick your man before the real action begins. But you can make that pre-sex period even hotter by spicing things up with a little pre-boink bondage.

"Because it builds anticipation, gently tying him up is a great way to heighten sexual arousal," says Lady Green, author of The Sexually Dominant Woman (Greenery Press, 1999). Use a soft bathrobe sash to tie his hands together behind his back, she suggests. You want the knot to be comfortable but firm, so he can't get out of it easily. Then stimulate his hot spots in ways only you know how.

Candi Harris, a 25-year-old bartender, has a similar S and M way of firing up her boyfriend. "I wear black thigh-high boots and a naughty teddy to set the mood," she says. "Then I fasten his hands together and blindfold him for a little game called Tease 'n' Tie." She begins her seduction by slowly licking his chest and nipples, then she stops for a few seconds. "Next, I stroke his penis passionately until he's fully aroused," she says. "Then I completely stop again. Not knowing what I'm going to do next really drives him wild, to the point where he's begging me to untie him. And when I do, he returns the favor--and then some."

SULTRY SUBJECT 3 AP Penis Pleasing
Sure, you know how to wake up his willie. But how do you make a major impact on his member? Here are a few penis projects that will put him in absolute awe of your creativity.

First, grab a hair scrunchie that's not too tight. "After he's fully erect, wrap it around the base of his testicles and the base of his penis [wrap it twice if it's too loose]," explains Cathy Winks, coauthor of The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sex (Cleis, 1997). "Make sure the scrunchie is tightly secured, but not so tight that it's uncomfortable." Once your passion prop is in place, stroke or kiss his penis. Don't be surprised if he moans more than usual. "That extra squeeze at the base of his genitals keeps the blood trapped inside his erection and causes pleasurable pressure," says Winks.

Another prizewinning penis move? "During oral sex, I'll give him a hummer," Michelle Conrad, a 24-year-old bank teller, says. "I put the first two inches of his erect penis in my mouth, and I make a low, vibrating noise in the back of my throat." Meanwhile, she uses her hands on the bottom of his shaft and testicles for extra stimulation. "He thinks I'm a genius!"

SULTRY SUBJECT 4 Climax "G"-ography
So, you have reaching your passion peak down, but are you doing everything you can to climb even higher? Expand your big-O know-how fast by finding your G-spot, the hidden happy button you may have heard or read about.

To begin your horny homework, bring his penis in contact with your G-spot by getting in the woman-on-top position and leaning forward slightly. When you're about to climax, reach down to the middle of your pubic hairline and press in with three fingers, Think of that area as your G-spot on the outside. (If you don't feel anything, press a few inches higher or lower until you do.) "Massage it using a firm circular motion," suggests Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., author of Discovering Your Sensual Potential (HarperCollins, 1999). "You'll feel G-spot stimulation from the inside and the outside, which can intensify your orgasm."

But don't stop there; you can still break even more big-O records. Just use your other hand for clitoral stimulation while you rub your G-spot externally and his penis hits your G-spot internally. This triple-play is bound to bring on an outof-this-universe "blended climax," which involves both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. "Women who have had this type of climax say it's the most intensely pleasurable sensation there is," says Keesling.

Marge White, a 25-year-old optician, uses this double-whammy orgasm technique often. "I feel waves of excitement inside and outside my body--and my orgasm lasts longer," she says. "My husband is totally turned on by my A-plus abilities."

"My Passion Professor"
Real women remember the sex-perts who gave them an unforgettable hands-on how-to-do-it tantalizing tutorial.

• "His name was Dave, and he was a pro at foreplay. We'd make out for hours, bringing each other to the brink of orgasm, then backing off. Finally, when we couldn't stand it anymore, we'd have intercourse. Dave taught me that liming is probably the most important element in incredible sex."

--Corette, 25

• "When I was in Paris, I had a fling with a hot Frenchman. We'd have mad, animal sex in elevators, on the beach, and behind the bleachers in a public park. He added an adrenaline rush and excitement to sex that I had never experienced before. Now I'm not afraid to pounce on my current boyfriend in bar bathrooms or while we're in the car!"

--Elizabeth, 23

• "My boyfriend got me past my fears of oral sex. Before, I could never enjoy receiving it. I was worried about my smell and taste. He reassured me that he loved kissing me down there. As a result, I began having the most intense orgasms of my life."

--Joani, 27

(*) Names have been changed.

By: Kemp, Kristen, Cosmopolitan

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