Saturday, May 02, 2009

So does he have guts or has he gone nuts??

Having beaten Stockport 2-3 on the last game of the season convincingly, with Nicky Wroe's first senior goal and one from Birch and Neil, people and reporters at the match said the usual end of season win shpeil 'Looks positive for next season with this performance.'. Only to find that the retention list had 16 players on it and 9 have been told to go which are...
Peter Handyside, Craig Ireland, Gary Monk, Alex Neil, Tony Gallimore, Steve Hayward, Dean Gorre, Brian O'Callaghan, Danny Alcock.

with 2 of the retained players Betsy and Lumsdon told they can leave....this leaves the following in our squad...

Beresford, Austin, Kay, Crooks, Burns, Stallard, Boulding, Shuker and then the youngsters. Hart as ripped the backbone out of the current squad.

So does he have guts or has he gone nuts??

Well he def has guts i'll give him that, my work mate who is a forest fan says he never was impressed with Harts ability to sign players, always had irons in the fire but never really pulled anything off. I think the barnsley fans have been impressed with the style of play since he took over, but the results weren't brilliant. Played 12 won 3 drawn 5 lost 4.

It's about time a manager had the chance of a clear out, something we haven't really been able to do for a couple of seasons cos of admin, our inability to bring in new players restricted us because of administration.

Success next season is a combination of this...players we bring in(lots of decent players with no club at the mo) of play adopted(will be much of the same as last season under hart)....number of fans who buy season tickets(may drop).....and overall attendences(may drop). I say back Paul Hart. Its the first time in a long time we have started with a clean slate. I feel we will have exciting times at Oakwell next season and it depends on the above.

Too bad about Gorre, a light in a not so great season. Will be sadly missed.

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